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original eco shelter

our original eco shelter design

The eco house design philosophy grew from our original “Gunya” eco shelter, developed with input from Australian Aboriginal friends in northern Queensland.

European concepts of buildings and houses were not working. They were expensive to build, inappropriate for the environment, and did not meet the needs and preferences of the local people.

Indigenous Australians have unique relationships with the country they have inhabited for over 50,000 years. They are as one with their environment and do not seek to control it, just to live as part of it.

Houses and buildings need to let the breezes flow through them. Shelter from sun, rain and storms is needed, but walls must not become permanent physical and visual barriers. People need to see, feel and smell their surroundings, not block them out, not lock themselves away from their world.

Our range of eco shelters, houses and buildings are based on these simple natural principles. They are structures defined by the needs and preferences of those who inhabit and use them, not buildings that define how people are to live. They create spaces that people feel at ease in.

The immediate acceptance and liking for our first eco shelter design led to an expansion of the range, applying the same principles to larger and more diverse buildings. Regardless of their size or function, all eco house Australia designs take a practical, realistic approach, and:

  • are in tune with human needs and sensibilities
  • have minimum impact on their environment
  • are low in cost of materials, construction and transport
  • are modular so it is simple to build larger or smaller structures
  • can be assembled quickly without specialised skills
  • the materials are light weight and easily transported
  • locally available materials can be used
  • are engineered to withstand cyclone and monsoon conditions

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